The Psychotronics and UFO Club is a voluntary, special-interest and non-political organization, which associates explorers and persons interested in the fields of psychotronics, alternative medicine, archaeoastronautics, problems of unidentified flying objects and other related areas, including their philosophical and religious interpretation.

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 What can you find in our Club?

Documents – basic information about the Club, documents (articles, organizational rules, annual reports, letters of the Club’s head etc.), contents of an information bulletin, tasks of the sections, instructions for exploratory activity, questionnaires and application forms.
Clubs and subsidiaries – sites of the district clubs and subsidiaries with local mysteries and results of exploratory activity.
News - Information server brings you daily upgraded information about mystery, secrecy and about life of Club of Psychotronic and UFO (KPU).
Spheres of interest – investigations, conclusions, views and hypotheses, articles and materials from the ZAZ journal – by the club’s authors and assumed ones.
Astrology From the world of media Agrosymbols, crop circles UFO Poltergeist Space Cryptozoology   Megaliths Psychotronics Psychotronics and complementary medicine Personalities Philosophy Historical question marks

What shall I do if …? – instructions for those who are looking for, for witnesses and future collaborators, as well as contact data.
Have you met with an anomalous phenomenon? – write us about it and use a relevant form (UFO * anomalous psychotronic phenomena * crop circles)
ZAZ journal –  non periodical publication of the Psychotronics and UFO club, which came into being as early as 1992 and in 2001 its 50th number was issued. It contains files of original articles by well-known and quite unknown explorers, as well as the materials you cannot get anywhere else. Files of original articles, opinions and hypotheses. Stable sections: Philosophic questions of anomalous effects, Searching - investigation – inquiry, Materials from archive, Current cases, Question marks of the past, Opinions of new books, Questions of science, Human health, From the other side of anomalous effects opponents, News, letters and opinions, From media world, etc. (B/W, A5 format, cardboard cover, 50 pages)
Cesty psychotroniky journal –  non periodical publication of the Association of investigators in Psychotronic (SBP) - (B/W, A5 format, cardboard cover, 25 pages)


Publications and CD’s those issued till the present time and those in preparation.
Visitors’ book and discussions
Contacts - board member contacts lis
Expeditions – reports from journeys abroad assorted by the members of the Club.
Internal server of the Psychotronics and UFO Club – this server is intended for the preparation of materials, transmission of a large quantity of data, for intra-Club discussions etc.